Arkansas Arts Center Artmobile: A Feast for the Eyes

Tuesday, October 10 – Saturday, October 14, 2017 | 11AM – 6PM

Food is a thread that has woven together cultures for thousands of years. Beyond a basic necessity of life, food is often the centerpiece of our ceremonies and celebrations. Recipes are cherished traditions handed down through generations; shared meals cement personal and professional bonds. Since the dawn of civilization, vessels laden with edible goods have crossed vast distances, bringing with them the exchange of knowledge and cultural practices. Images of food have long served as indicators of time and place as both locally-sourced ingredients and exotic imports represent the geographic, economic, technological, and environmental aspects of a land and its people.

A Feast for the Eyes presents a visual survey of the evolution of food from fuel to fine dining. As ingredients become more abundant and easier to obtain, cooks are emboldened to experiment—what was once simply viewed as a source of energy has become a medium for the creation of edible masterpieces. Chefs and visual artists alike utilize elements of color, texture, and balance; their techniques differ, but their goal is the same: to skillfully and artistically combine a palette of ingredients to appeal to our “tastes” and satisfy the senses. This exhibition brings viewers into communion with works from the Arkansas Arts Center Collection and offers a satisfying buffet of various artistic methods and techniques.