Open Tues-Sat: 11am-6pm || Sun: 1pm-5pm | 1601 Rogers Ave, Fort Smith, AR

MARCH 21–24 • 1-3 PM

Zoom/Facebook Live
FREE. Ages 10+

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but not Required


 Love creating characters but not sure where to start on your illustration journey?

We have you covered! For students 10+, RAM offers a spring break class that focuses on honing your creativity to create unique characters and building their world through illustrated backgrounds. This class will start with a couple classes of illustration exercises and then expand on creating characters, poses and backgrounds.

style it your way with illustration exercises!

An artist’s ‘style’ is something that steadily develops with lots of practice, however there are daily exercises that an artist can do to help this process along. This class will cover a few exercises to get your creative thoughts flowing and on their way to a one-of-kind technique!


Every great illustration starts with a great character! Did you know? Most character concepts fall in historical archetypes that have been used for dozens of years. Learn a little bit about character concept history as well as how to build on your own characters to make them unique!


Posing your characters can be tough work! Using the references around us (fashion magazines, books and the internet of course), we will make this part of your character building much less daunting. A little anatomy and figure drawing will also make it’s way into this class.


Dive into the next step of illustration with some background on… backgrounds! With knowledge on composition, perspective and lighting, your scene settings can go from a simple forest village to an enchanted metropolis hidden within a sea of trees.