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The John Bell, Jr. Legacy Project:

Education Programs

Gallery Tours – Beginning December, 2021

Gallery + Student

During Gallery + Studio visits, specially trained gallery educators lead participants on an all-inclusive 90-minute Museum experience. The first 30 minutes is spent in the gallery viewing and discussing John Bell, Jr.’s works of art. Participants will record their responses through sketching and writing. The last 60 minutes will be spent in the studio, where participants will create works of art that relate back to the tour.

John Bell, Jr. Gallery Tours
December 2021

Student Tours

Early Learners – Shapes, Patterns, Colors, and Feelings is the theme for our early learners. On this tour early learners practice naming and thinking about art foundations. Such as color theory, rhythm, patterns, and movement.

Visual Thinking Strategies

Our education team leads this tour with the learner in mind creating a place for students to learn through observation, collaboration, and build confidence.

John Bell, Jr.West End

John Bell, Jr.Classic Bottling Works

Lectures – To Be Announced

The John Bell, Jr. lecture-based program will offer curators, educators, artists, and guest speakers the opportunity to present a wide variety of perspectives on RAM’s John Bell, Jr. artworks. RAM always encourages audience participation and discussion, and opportunities to meet the presenters who are important features of this program.

Classes – Starting in January, 2022!

Impressionism Workshop

Impressionist paintings are categorized by bright colors and loose brushstrokes meant to represent the impression a viewer has on a moment. The effects of light on a scene are also a characteristic of many Impressionist paintings. John Bell, Jr.’s Lady in the Lace, gives the viewer an impression of a vivid summer day in the Natural State. Learn how to create a painting in one sitting and how to savor interesting brushwork. You will also learn the invaluable concepts of drawing, value, color, and edges. Use these methods and knowledge to start your painting off right. If you’re a total beginner, or to take your painting style to the next level for those more experienced. In this lesson, students will become inspired by Impressionism and create their own technique and styled landscape painting.


January 5, 12 & 19 – 2022

Wednesdays – 1 – 3 pm

3 Classes/$75



Registration Required  Supplies Provided

John Bell, Jr.Lady in the Lace

John Bell, Jr.The Hayride


In this class we will learn how to replicate One- and Two-Point Perspective drawings from John Bell, Jr. artworks. In this very indepth course, you will start from absolute beginner and complete it with the knowledge and confidence to successfully draw in perspective. You will learn solid perspective techniques which touch upon many Elements of Art such as Line, Space, Value, Form and Shape by breaking it all down over an 6-week course.


The education staff at RAM will teach instructional sketching techniques Bell used in some of his artworks. The focus will be traditional sketch techniques. Participants can either stick to the basics or for the more advanced sketcher can put their own creative spin on it. End-of-class show-and-tell will allow artists to engage, critique, and improve community fostering.

John Bell, Jr.Lisa Jean, Age 16