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Katherine Strause painting
Katherine Strause painting
Katherine Strause painting

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Looking and Inventing. In art one must do both.

We’ll start by painting paper, which we cut into shapes, and arrange and collage into abstract compositions. Then we take similar shapes and make people, places and things. Abstraction and representation together. Whatever the subject, it is the arrangement of the abstract shapes that gives strength to our representations. With cardboard we can make three dimensional shapes and with these we can construct, invent, our own subject that we can then draw and collage from. It’s all play. It’s all fun.

BIO: Born in Michigan and now residing in Pennsylvania, while Kewley was living in New York, he painted during the day and was a night watchman at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (where he was schooled). Over the years, Kewley realized that he was leaving something out of his representational work. It was the abstraction. For the last fourteen years, he has been teaching workshops on composing shapes, through drawing, painting, and collage.

Materials we will be working with. All materials for this class will be provided for use during the class. Some supplies will be loaned for use during the class only:

  • Acrylic Paint
  • White, Yellow, Red, Blue, Black
  • Really, as simple as that. Must be acrylic, heavy body, if at all possible. They work best. 
  • White glue. Elmer’s or another white glue is fine.
  • Scissors
  • Masking tape, 1 inch wide
  • Drawing kid (small pad, templates, ballpoint pen)
  • Paper palettes
  • Paint brushes
  • X-acto knives and metal rulers
  • Painting and cutting board
  • Two plastic water containers
  • Cotton rags
  • One small-to-medium size box of single layer recycled corrugated cardboard