Open Tues-Sat: 11am-6pm || Sun: 1pm-5pm | 1601 Rogers Ave, Fort Smith, AR

September 6 – December 29, 2019
Opening Reception: Thursday, September 5, 2019, 5-7PM; FREE for members, $10 non-members

Norma Tomboulian was born in Lansing, MI and raised in Ithaca, NY. She studied painting and sculpture at Cornell University and at the County Center in White Plains, NY. In 1977 Tomboulian moved to northwest Arkansas, and has resided there since. She is an accomplished painter and sculptor who also loves to knit, cook and interact with her four grown children. Her sculptural technique is unusual in that she creates them hollow, standing the clay on edge, unlike most artists who create them solid and then hollow them out. More than mastering this technique is her ability to capture the essence of the personality she portrays. Tomboulian also works with watercolor, stating “Watercolor gives me the chance to work with color in a way clay never really can. Also, there are subjects to which clay refuses to lend itself…one of these being landscape, which I love.”

This exhibit will showcase works of sculpture and watercolor by Tomboulian, as well as sculpture and artwork by various artists she has collected over the years, including Gloria Penry, Mary Coffin, Lou Moore Hale, Rae Dunn and Charles Banks Wilson. Also included in this exhibit will be The Camelot Chess Set, which is 16 life-sized busts by Norma Tomboulian, in the classic style of the famed Arthurian legend, now residing in RAM’s Permanent Collection.