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Katherine Strause painting
Katherine Strause painting
Katherine Strause painting
Katherine Strause painting

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RAM + Arts on Main

In collaboration with Arts on Main under the direction of Stephanie Payton. Come join us at Arts on Main to create clay plates like Picasso.  This will be a 2-hour workshop—at Arts on Main in Van Buren— that will teach you how to use clay and talk about the firing process. You will be able to create up to three plates and then they will go through the firing process so they can be used or kept as pieces of art.

ARTIST BIO: Payton is a sculptor and installation artist who creates compositions that express the idea of contrast by exploring the complexities of geometric forms in relation to organic forms. Payton experiments with techniques such as clay hand building, slip casting, and sculpting with plaster. She resides in Hackett, Arkansas and has lived in Arkansas her whole life. Payton received a BA in Art from University of the Ozarks in 2019 and is now the Ceramic Studio Manager at Arts On Main in Van Buren, Arkansas. Payton was recently awarded the 2022 Artists 360 Project Grant and will be using the funds to create a large-scale installation that will be exhibited at Arts On Main in 2023.