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Why We Photograph

Lecture by Larry Millican
Friday, February 21, 6 – 7PM
FREE for RAM members | $10 for non-members

What makes a photographer make a photograph? What goal do we have when we raise the camera to our eye, and choose the scene – the composition – that we want to preserve? What is the thought process? What do we see that makes us stop everything else and reproduce that moment in time? What is it that drives us? What is our passion? These are the thoughts that I consider each time I pick up my camera, or look at photographs, or look at the light. These are the questions I will never stop searching to answer…

“More than thirty years ago, in anticipation of my son’s birth, I bought an SLR camera. Within 3 years, and after countless rolls of film, I was seriously passionate about photography.
Since then, I have photographed weddings and wildflowers, children and wildlife, sports and birds. I have worked at the Fort Smith Bedford Camera as store manager, salesperson, photographer, and photography instructor.
Other duties included judging numerous photography contests and serving as a photography ambassador in the Fort Smith community. I also served as president of the Fort Smith Photographic Alliance for 4 years and have received numerous photographic awards.
Today, when I am not teaching photography classes at Bedford Camera, you will find me making photographs of nature subjects in Arkansas.”

-Larry Millican