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RAM Sketch

The instructor (Laura Wattles @laurawattlesdesign) will give a short lecture about different art mediums and a specific style of art, then we will create together with live video of the instructor’s paper or canvas. End-of-class show-and-tell (optional) will allow everyone to engage, critique, and learn.


February is Elizabeth Catlett Month!

RAM Sketch February 2023 will focus on Elizabeth Catlett—an American sculptor, painter, print-maker, and teacher. Catlett’s work can be described as social realism, because of her dedication to the issues and experiences of Black Americans in the 20th century, often focusing on the female experience. According to the artist, the main purpose of her work is to convey social messages rather than pure aesthetics. Because of the various media Catlett excelled at, RAM Sketch in February will be a month of multi-media fun—involving sketching with both graphic and colored pencils, and creating with collaged materials.


Toulouse-Lautrec wasn’t just an artist, he was a successful illustrator, creating illustrated poster graphics for many posters in the last 1800s until he died in 1901 at the age of 36. His very expressive linear drawing style and creative use of color made his posters coveted items. The class will use one of his posters as reference and focus on an expressive line, adding color at the end.


After a quick overview of Catlett and viewing some of her artwork, we will first focus on her grayscale imagery, noticing the stylization in her depiction of the human form. We will then choose an image and do our own sketched interpretation of one of her works using graphic or colored pencil.


Tonight, we will look at some of Catlett’s more colorful works. Though many of these works were done using woodcuts, screen prints, lithography, linoleum cut printing, we, of course don’t have those materials at hand in our one-hour format. Instead, we will focus on one of her pieces, and imitate it using cut paper collage.


Again looking at Catlett’s colorful paintings using egg tempera and colored pencil, we will focus in on this technique and attempt to imitate it, or reinterpret it, using gouache and colored pencil.


Tonight, we will focus on Catlett’s amazing sculptures, which resemble her other forms of artwork. The class will sketch a still life of either one or more of Catlett’s sculpture creations, depicting the sculpture in whatever media they are comfortable with.

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