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COLOR for Creatives

COLOR for Creatives is an immersive class designed to help artists concisely and confidently expand their color palette and artistic repertoire. The course will take place during the 2020-2021 Academic Year and will run 36 weeks. Each Tuesday, a video will be uploaded for students which will discuss that week’s artists and techniques. A live video conference will take place on Thursdays for class participants to join in, engaging 1-on-1 teaching and group input.  $50.00 per student. REGISTRATION REQUIRED!

Adults at RAM

Draw Your Day: Sketch Class beginning June 25, 2020

Whether you are an aspiring illustrator, designer, fine artist, or architect, keeping a daily sketch practice is vital to the pursuit of any creative field. Following the sketching processes of the old masters to modern artists, this class will teach the basics of keeping a sketchbook. Key techniques such as contour and gesture drawing, concept sketching, creative gathering, and materials knowledge will be explored through video lessons. Then for face-to-face learning and group activities, we will meet on Zoom for a true sketch session! Register on our web site.

  • Weekly one-hour live Zoom class
  • Registration Required
  • Free Class – Limit 10 per Class
  • 6 – 7 pm

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