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Jeff Willard
Surreal Fruit Farm, 2009
Chromogenic Print

Timothy J. Clark
Summer Solstice, 2004
Watercolor on Paper

Eva Rubenstein
Christina, 1978
Silver Print

Lou Moore Hale
Claudine, 1994
Terra Cotta

Mark Mondier
Dine In
Silver Print

Richard V. Goetz (1915 – 1991)
The Bottle, 1968
Oil on Canvas

Jami Waggoner
Rising from the Mud, 1997

John Bell, Jr. (1937 – 2013)
The Crescent & Liberty, 1886, 2002
Oil on Canvas

Mike Bucha
Metal Sculpture

Bernique Longley (1923 – 1999)
Boy in Paper Hat, 1959
Pastel and Mixed Media on Paper

Daniel Kerlin
Alvin Hotel, 1996
Watercolor on Paper

Patrick Angus (1953 – 1992)
Stewart at Home, 1986
Acrylic on Canvas

Van Hieu Nguyen
Untitled, 1975
Ink wash on Paper

Lucile Dandelet (1919 – 2006)
La Tendresse, Paris, c. 1988
Silver Print

Robert Studzinski
Rumba Fans, 1996
Chromogenic Print

Alex Ojeda
Christ Statue, 2005
Silver Print

John Linn
Musings on Some Spurious Diversions, 1995
Oil and Mixed Media on Canvas

Viola Brown
And He Speaks, 1999
Chromogenic Print

Rae Dunn
Deer Bowl, 1995
Glazed Stoneware

Doyle Young
Where Faith Began, 2018
Watercolor on Paper

Lucile Caldwell (1929 – 2015)
Morning Light, c. 1970
Oil on Canvas

Louise Halsey
Luisa Centavo, 1989
Fiber and wood

Female Wood Thrush with Young, 1966

Rae Dunn
African Jar 
Scraffito Glaze

Peer Charles
The Quickening
Pastel on Paper

John Bell Jr. (1937-2013)
Back to the Fort, 2008
Oil on Canvas

Marc Chagall (1887 – 1985)
The Bay of Nice, 1970

Patsy E. Lane
Scratchin’ Where it Itches, 2014