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In our modern 16,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility, in the heart of downtown Fort Smith, RAM offers fine art exhibitions from world-class artists, important traveling exhibitions as well as highlighting emerging artist.

Tiger Fire by Nicolas Trudgian



Art in Aviation

In Collaboration with the Fort Smith Air Museum

On view through September 19, 2021


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David Malcolm Rose: The Lost Highway

On View September 24, 2021, through January 30, 2022

RAM Annual Invitational - Metamorphosis

On View February 4, 2022, through May 22, 2022

Call for Works issued in September 2021

John Bell, Jr. - Coming Home

Opening October 29, 2021


Chuck Davis - Invitational Winner from 2021

On View January 7, 2022, through April 10, 2022

David Malcolm Rose: The Lost Highway

When I started driving around this country in the late sixties the interstate was the exception rather than the rule. Even where the interstate was complete, the interchanges were barren. In order to get gas, food, or lodging, one had to leave the four-lane and drive a mile or so into town. Twenty years brought about a complete reversal in many places. All services became available along the limited access highway while many of the small businesses that once served motorists were abandoned.

One could still get a tank of gas, burgers and fries, and a room for the night at almost every exit, but, in all probability, it would be a Shell Superstop, Burger King, Holiday Inn, or some other chain outlet. The interstate system provided a breeding ground and conduit for the chains that came to dominate almost every aspect of our lives.

The nation rapidly became homogenized. The services were still there, but the independent operator was gone. Gone also, to a great degree, was individual thought, originality, and regional diversity. 

Driving the old road, the remains of commercial buildings could still be seen and my work sprang from these. I tried to create a portrait of the people who made their living by the side of the road and tell the story of the end of an era. – David Malcolm Rose

This exhibit will contain miniature scale models of Lost Highway businesses, paintings of businesses long forgotten along the Lost Highway, and a retrospective of the artist, David Malcolm Rose.

David Malcolm Rose: The Lost Highway

On View September 24, 2021, through

January 30, 2022