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Quarantine Art Exhibition

Southside High School

April 13- August 22

RAM Student Gallery sponsored by Arvest Foundation


Quarantine Art showcases the sculptures and 2D paintings created during the pandemic by Southside High School Art Students. In the past school year, these students have had many obstacles and challenges, but they stayed the course, creating inspiring artwork that embodied their experiences of the current times. Join us virtually, or in-person with limited numbers, as we highlight the quarantine experiences of these young artists!

RAM Studio Classes

Whether you are an experienced artist or just starting out, drawing from life is beneficial to any creative pursuit! Drop by the museum every Thursday 1-3 pm for a chance to hone your figure drawing skills and engage in an artist community. Bring your own materials and enjoy free studio space, easels, and a live model on us!

Due to social distancing protocols, there will be a limit of 10 students per class. Register to reserve your spot now!

Walk-ins are welcome but does not guarantee studio space.

Summer ONLINE Art Camp

Creative Cartooning


6 Weeks, ALL Fun!

July 6 – August 10

Tuesdays at 1 pm


Love creating characters but not sure where to start on your cartooning journey? We have you covered! For students 10+, RAM offers a new summer class that focuses on building your creativity to create unique characters and stories. This class will start with illustration exercises and slowly dive into characters and storyboarding, touching on all the tools that will make that first comic panel seem a little less intimidating.


Registration Limited

15 student limit

Tuesday, July 6

Style it your way with Illustration Exercises!

An artist’s ‘style’ is something that steadily develops with lots of practice, however there are daily exercises that an artist can do to help this process along. This class will cover a few exercises to get your creative thoughts flowing and on their way to a one-of-kind technique!

Tuesday, July 13

Creating Character Concepts

Every great cartoon starts with a great character! Did you know? Most character concepts fall in historical archetypes that have been used for dozens of years! Learn a little bit about character concept history as well as how to build on your own characters to make them unique!

Tuesday, July 20

Growing with Character Development!

Bring some dimensionality to your characters in this class! Whether they are a troubled superhero or bitter villain, building backstories, strengths, weaknesses, and future potential of your character helps make them memorable. How will their appearance and demeanor change with age and upcoming challenges? It’s up to you to decide!

Tuesday, July 27

Looking Your Best with Backgrounds!

Dive into the next step of comic panels with some background on… backgrounds! With knowledge on composition, perspective and lighting, your scene settings can go from a simple forest village to an enchanted metropolis hidden within a sea of trees.

Tuesday, August 3

Sorting it out with Storyboards!

Storyboards lay out the scenes of your comic book, often including character’s poses, background, and dialogue. This class will cover not only how to make a scene exciting but also how to use them to progress a story!

Tuesday, August 10

Putting a Creative Spin on Cartoon Strips!

Whether you are making a simple 4 panel internet comic or something more advanced, the layout of your scenes matters! Learn some steps on how to balance all the elements of your story, as well as how to both pace your reader and surprise them.


In this free online class, the educational staff at the Regional Art Museum will teach an instructional sketching technique every week, drawn from the subjects of still life, landscape, or the human figure. Students can either stick to the basics or for the more advanced sketcher, you can put your own creative spin into it. End-of-class show-and-tell will allow artists to engage, critique, and improve community fostering. So, grab your sketchbook and pencil and experience both the improved wellness and artist community of a consistent drawing practice!


This Free Zoom Class is Open to All Artists of

All Skill Levels. Ages 12+. 

The Graphite Series

Beginning June 8, 2021 – Every Tuesday at 7 pm

Hannah Jeremiah’s intricate and colorful drawings combine academic observation and creative self-expression.

“Drawing is a practice that comes from my childhood,” begins Jeremiah, “It allows me to process aspects of my reality that have no words or can’t easily be put into words.” She received her BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art and currently practices in Fayetteville, Arkansas.


June 22, 2021


Soft and hard contrast can sometimes change the entire tone of an artwork! Join us in this class to expand on how contrast can be used as a compositional tool and a way of communicating emotions.


June 29, 2021


If you peel back the layers behind the work of the masters, you would see their intricate and skillful underdrawings. In this class, we dive into the importance of an underdrawing as well as how to use on to plan out a more developed artwork.

Sensual Art: Ukiyo-e Prints and the East

“Eastern art during the Modern period evolved much like the West. These movements were inspired by one another, particularly in subject matter and their use of perspective. One aspect of Modern art that should be considered is the popularity of Ukiyo-e prints. These prints dealt with diverse subjects, many featuring mundane aspects of life. The subjects, however, are imbued with concepts of sensuality that remind us just how similar seemingly diverse cultures can be. Please join us to learn about Modern art in the East and Ukiyo-e prints!”



Sensual Art Series Continues

Free Zoom Lecture Series

Registration Required

July 1, 2021 – 7 pm c.d.t.

Two Lovers Beneath an

Umbrella in the Snow Harunoby, 1767

Two Beauties with Bamboo

Kitagawa Utamaro, 1795

RAM is excited to announce a new lecture series

all about Arkansas Art!

The Life of Maya Angelou

The Life of Maya Angelou

An area of art often overlooked is literature, but literature plays a crucial role in artistic development for many creatives. Much like music and fine art are intertwined, the same can be said of literary influences, particularly poetry. A significant Arkansas poet and artist is Maya Angelou, who continued writing until her death in 2014. Although not originally from Stamps, Arkansas, she did spend some time there with her paternal grandmother, Annie Henderson. Her formative childhood and teen years were spent in Arkansas, giving her deep ties to the cultural South and a unique perspective. Please join us to learn more about this talented poet and the legacy she left behind.


Free Zoom Lecture
Registration Required
June 24, 2021
7 pm

This program offers workshops that consist of the Art4Healing method.  It supports emotional healing as participants process their feelings using paint and canvas.  Participants are given a safe workspace and prompt to create abstract art pieces to aid in expressing themselves.  By giving the participants these tools, they are freer to express themselves which can help reduce stress, offers encouragement, clarity, and insight.

The program will be offered during the Creative Forces Exhibition to honor our veterans and current service members. This will be via Zoom every two weeks through the duration of the exhibition. Supplies will be provided for those who register two weeks in advance.

Free Zoom Class

Registration Limited

Limit 10 per Class

Coming September, 2021