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Our Art To-Go Box comes complete with all the supplies and instructions you’ll need for a fun and exciting art project at home. Pick one up for FREE every month for a continuing adventure into new mediums ranging from photo-transferring to bookbinding. Available October through December as supplies last. Ages 10 and up. Register to reserve your free box now! Join in our RAM Family Day on October 2nd for an Early Bird Pickup! Following Pickup dates are exclusively on the 2nd Saturday of the month from 11 am – 6 pm (Nov.13, Dec. 11). First 100 participants!

The UAFS Student Art Exhibition combines the artwork of students at different levels of their studio degrees. Whether they were painting figures or focusing on a culminating body of work, each student faced the difficulties of creating in a hybrid or distance learning environment. Despite this, the resulting artwork captures formal qualities and conceptual depth, some touching on themes of identity and meditation. Join us beginning September 16 as we highlight the work by these emerging artists!

RAM Studio Classes


Laura Wattles

Always passionately in pursuit of art even from a young age, artist Laura Wattles graduated from Missouri State University with a major in Graphic Design with an emphasis in Illustration. Since then, Wattles has worked steadily as a graphic designer while also keeping in touch with her artistic practices such as dollmaking and watercolor painting. She has spent the last 10 years incorporating looseness, life, and even ‘play’ into her art through a sketchbook practice.

In RAM Sketch, Wattles will emphasize and encourage sketchbook drawing as a creative habit, with focus on these four ideas: DAILY (draw every day); EXPERIMENT (try different things); FEARLESS (don’t be afraid to mess up); and FUN (have fun doing it).

Students can either stick to the basics or for the more advanced sketcher, you can put your own creative spin into it. End-of-class show-and-tell will allow artists to engage, critique, and improve community fostering. So, grab your sketchbook and pencil and experience both the improved wellness and artist community of a consistent drawing practice!


This Free Zoom Class is Open to All Artists of

All Skill Levels. Ages 12+. 

Every Tuesday at 7 pm


September 7 

Join us at 7 pm for the first installment of a series focused on developing a daily sketching habit. Inspired by featured artist Danny Gregory, the class will focus on drawing by observing, drawing loosely and quickly. Since we will be focusing on practicing in sketchbooks and not trying to make masterpieces, we will start out by drawing everyday objects in a loose drawing technique.  



September 14 

Join us at 7 pm for the second installment of our series focusing on developing a daily sketching habit. Our featured artist will be someone who draws every day and loves to add notes and descriptions into her sketches. She also loves drawing her shoes! As an homage to the artist this week, we will draw a pair of our shoes in a fun style.  


September 21 

Join us at 7 pm for the third installment on developing a daily sketching habit. Tonight, we will be working from the same subject matter, with the goal of filling a page or spread in your sketchbook with multiple sketches of the same object. In each rendition we will try varying the mediums, overlapping and playing with the whole page. 


September 28 

Join us at 7 pm for the fourth installment on developing a daily sketching habit. Tonight we will feature another current artist that takes his sketchbook with him wherever he goes and draws from life. This is sometimes called urban sketching, though artists have forever been doing this. Vincent Van Gogh was an urban sketcher! Tonight’s featured artist draws buildings, the rooms he’s in, and often the food he eats. So tonight, let’s draw some food, or maybe a bottle of wine, or a sandwich.  

Thursday, October 28, 7 pm

Open to All Ages

FREE – Registration Required

At the cusp of Byzantine and Renaissance art, an important shift took place: a shift to realism in the figure. From Michelangelo’s David to Leonardo’s Mona Lisa, the anatomy of some of these subjects look eerily on point, to a degree that would surpass the medical journals of the time. What secrets did the artists employ to achieve this level of realism and how may the Catholic Church have been involved? Find out more in our Halloween special, Art Casefiles: of Painters and Grave-robbers!

An Art Historical Survey of 500 years

7 part Series – Free! Registration Required

Northern Art, Italian Churches,

and Islamic Manuscripts

Thursday, September 23, 7 pm


Samantha Rhodes, Ph.D. candidate, and former RAM Assistant Curator will cover various topics within art history and academia. In this second lecture, titled “Northern Art, Italian Churches, and Islamic Manuscripts”, we’ll consider how church interiors influenced worship during the Italian Renaissance, how religious reform impacted Northern Renaissance art, and the significance of Islamic manuscripts. Please join us as we continue this Lecture LIVE! Series!

Hendrik Goltzius, Drawing of Right Hand

Santa Croce, Altar and Crucifix

Aaron Calvert

Aaron Calvert is an American artist who is best known for his ceramic works. Raised in northern Ohio, Aaron attended nearby Kent State University where he earned his BFA degree in Crafts. In 2003 he graduated with an MFA in ceramics from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. Aaron and his wife Summer Bruch moved to Arkadelphia Arkansas in 2005 so he could pursue a teaching career at Henderson State University. Aaron is currently a full professor at HSU but he and his family relocated to Russellville AR in 2019. Aaron remains active in the field of ceramics by maintaining a growing list of exhibitions, conducting lectures, and offering workshops. He has received numerous recognitions such as being the 62nd Annual Delta Exhibition Grand Award winner in 2020.  Additionally, his work has been acquired for permanent collections at the Arkansas Museum of Fine Art (2018), UALR (2014), and the Sanboa Ceramic Art Institute located in Jingdezhen China (2004).

Free Lecture – Registration Required 

Sept 16, 2021
7 pm

Rachel Trusty

Rachel Trusty (she/her) is an artist and educator currently living in Lawrence, KS. Trusty’s art and research focus on craft, women’s history, and LGBT+ representation. This talk will discuss the evolution of her work over the past four years and her exploration of representation, the figure, and craft in contemporary art. Trusty holds a BA in Art Education from the University of Central Arkansas (2006) and a Master of Fine Arts from Lesley College (2011). She is currently a doctoral candidate in the Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies doctoral program at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, KS.

Join us for a

Free Zoom Lecture

October 14, 2021 – 7 pm